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Our œnologist, Milagros Rodríguez, always says that “the art of making memorable wines begins in the vineyard.” Milagros found her path into the wine world in an unlikely way after graduating in biology and then working in different companies connected to her studies. One day though, an opportunity arose to take up a post at a winery.  She became captivated by the world of wine, and so, in order to become more specialised, she studied for a degree in œnology at the University of La Rioja, immersing herself more and more in the fascinating world of wine.  

Milagros arrived at Grupo Bornos in 2001 and worked for five years as an assistant in the technical department, gaining valuable experience and knowledge. Then in 2009, she joined the Guelbenzu Technical and Winemaking team and has been its manager ever since.

“Our team is driven by the search for continual improvement. We’re constantly trying to work better in order to enhance the quality of our wines,” says Milagros with her customary enthusiasm. “We know that the success of a good wine depends on how well we work in the vineyard, and that’s why we lavish great care and attention on our vines, as we do on each aspect of the winemaking process. The greatest care is taken with the handling of the grapes at every stage. In this way, we ensure that the essence of the grapes is expressed in each of our wines.”

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