SINCE 1851

Medallas Bodegas Guelbenzu


Guelbenzu’s history dates back to 1851, when Martín María Guelbenzu was said to have paid taxes through the sale of demijohns of wine.

It was his son, Miguel Guelbenzu, who modernised and gave fresh impetus to the winery, winning important awards for the wines in 1880. The medals awarded and accolades given have become part of the company’s image and have figured on the labels of its wines till the present day.

Several generations later, Ricardo Guelbenzu took over the Bodega’s reins, instigating a new era of growth and development, which began in 1992 with the launch of what were to become the flagship wines of our new range: Guelbenzu Evo and Azul. The range was completed in 1999 with the addition of the winery’s iconic brand, Guelbenzu Lautus.


Evo means “duration of things eternal”. In choosing this name for the wine, we wanted to convey its capacity to age in barrel and bottle and improve over time. The name “Lautus” means “award-wining” or “prize-winning”. With this name we wished to draw attention to the wine’s quality and the recognition that the wine would undoubtedly acquire over the years.

Some years later, in 2001, the Bodega enjoyed yet another new lease of life with the inauguration of its new winemaking facilities in Vierlas (an area located on the border between the Aragon and Navarra provinces), at La Lombana. These new facilities saw the launching of new wines connected with this new location.

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