Guelbenzu launches new website

The new platform not only highlights the exclusivity of the brand’s wines but also showcases the family’s history, the unique features of the terrain at Finca La Lombana, and the meaning behind their distinctive labels.

Vierlas, September 5, 2023. Guelbenzu has launched a new website (https://www.guelbenzu.com), which is more interactive, dynamic, sophisticated, modern, comprehensive, and perfectly aligned with the distinct and unique personality of their range of wines.

According to the winery, part of Grupo Bornos Bodegas y Viñedos, this is a completely new and differentiated design, featuring a radical change in structure, menus, and content. In short, “a unique space that perfectly reflects the singularity of our project and the high quality of our range of wines: Guelbenzu Vierlas, Azul, Evo, and Lautus,” they state.

The new website showcases all the qualities behind each bottle: “Complexity, varietal diversity, harmony, balance, elegance, and terroir.” Additionally, it emphasizes other key aspects of the winery, such as the history of five generations dedicated to wine, the uniqueness of the area, and their distinctive labels.

The Story of a Family

The history of Guelbenzu is that of a family of entrepreneurs united by wine, creating a prestigious brand. Their journey dates back to 1851, with records of wine jar sales by D. Martín María Guelbenzu.

It was his son, D. Miguel Guelbenzu, who modernized and boosted the winery, achieving significant recognition in 1880, which has become part of the brand’s corporate image and the labels of the wine range to this day.

Several generations later, D. Ricardo Guelbenzu took over the winery, initiating a new era of development and growth, starting in 1992 with the launch of what later became the core of their flagship wine range, Guelbenzu Evo and Azul, completed in 1999 with the iconic Guelbenzu Lautus.

In 2001, the winery experienced a definitive boost with the inauguration of its new facilities in Vierlas, at Finca La Lombana, between Navarra and Aragón, leading to the launch of new wines.

La Lombana, a Unique Estate

At the foot of Moncayo, Guelbenzu has 43 hectares of vineyards located in Vierlas, at Finca La Lombana. A stony and low-fertility terrain, which is extraordinary for vine cultivation and conducive to producing “rounded and characterful wines,” according to the winery.

Meaningful Labels

The label design, which has remained almost unchanged for decades, is a testament to the personality and distinctive character of the Guelbenzu wine range.

Through them, one can learn about the essence and history of the winery: the triangle refers to Cascante, where the winery originated, representing the three Cistercian monasteries of Tulebras, Fitero, and Veruela; the letter H within the G refers to ‘Hijos de Guelbenzu’; the cross alludes to the Cascantine tradition of placing a cross in the vineyard to protect the vines; and finally, the Navarre shield, a historical link of the winery to this land. As a finishing touch, the medals represent the first major recognitions won by Guelbenzu wines between 1876 and 1881.

Logotipo Bodegas Guelbenzu

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