La Lombana: Discovering our state

The La Lombana area, located in the picturesque town of Vierlas, is a corner of unique beauty and natural wealth. This enclave stands out not only for its landscapes and biodiversity but also for the unique characteristics of its soil, which play a crucial role in the region’s ecosystem.

Soil Characteristics of La Lombana

Composition and Texture:
The soil of La Lombana is characterized by its varied composition, including a balanced mix of sand, silt, and clay. This combination provides a loamy texture that is ideal for water and nutrient retention, essential for the growth of local flora.

Natural Fertility:
Thanks to its rich composition of organic matter, the soil of La Lombana is highly fertile. The decomposition of plant and animal remains enriches the soil with nutrients, creating a favorable environment for plant biodiversity.

Soil pH:
The soil pH in La Lombana ranges from slightly acidic to neutral, with typical values between 6 and 7. This characteristic is favorable for a wide range of plants, allowing for a diverse and healthy flora.

Soil Microbiota:
La Lombana hosts a rich community of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and actinomycetes, which play a fundamental role in the decomposition of organic matter and the improvement of soil structure. These microorganisms contribute to soil fertility and health, creating a dynamic and resilient environment.

Suitability for Vine Cultivation

The soil of La Lombana presents ideal conditions for vine cultivation. The loamy texture and water retention capacity ensure that vines can access the necessary moisture even during drier periods. Additionally, the slightly acidic to neutral pH is perfect for the optimal development of vines, as it promotes the availability of essential nutrients. The soil’s natural fertility and rich microbiota also contribute to vigorous plant growth, resulting in high-quality grapes, essential for producing exceptional wines. For these reasons, La Lombana is a privileged place for vintners seeking to maximize the terroir’s characteristics.

Ecological Importance

The soil of La Lombana is not just a substrate for plants but also plays a key role in regulating the water cycle and capturing carbon, helping to mitigate climate change. Additionally, it serves as a habitat for countless organisms, from insects to small mammals, that depend on its structure and composition to survive.


The La Lombana area in Vierlas is a true natural treasure, and its soil is one of the fundamental pieces supporting this wealth. Knowing and understanding the characteristics of this soil allows us to appreciate even more the complexity and beauty of the ecosystems that depend on it. By protecting and conserving these soils, we are also safeguarding biodiversity and natural resources for future generations.

Visiting La Lombana is an invitation to discover a world beneath our feet, where every grain of soil tells a story of life, balance, and nature.

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